Saturday, February 11, 2006

A lot

1. I was really frustrated I was still living at home, and frustrated that my parents wouldn't support me starting the student travel magazine, Going Magazine.

2. My mom ended up in the hospital for a blood clot in her leg that the doctor was worried about because it formed unnaturally fast.

3. I left without telling anyone staying in College Station, TX for two nights, then El Paso for one night, then Phoenix, AZ for one night.

4. I finally talked to my dad when I got to Phoenix and found out that my mom had been diagnosed with an advanced stage of Pancreatic Cancer.

5. I went to Target to buy luggage and the biggest pair of black sunglasses I could find for the plane ride back.

6. Boarded a plane the next morning to Denver.

7. Met the mom of my friend (that I stayed with in College Station) on the plane from Denver to New Orleans.

8. Two weeks have gone by and I still haven't been able to meet with my mom's doctor. She started chemo yesterday, and haven't talked to her since.

9. I'm ready to leave again.

Some pictures will be posted soon of the westward journey, and an Oxford, MS journey to visit the grave of a really good friend who died last summer while I was in Europe.

My favorite song on the new Stroke's CD is "On the Other Side", but maybe I'm just being morbid.

I just watched the two hour Arrested Development finale, and I really hope they continue with the series AND make a movie, although they hinted that only the movie would be a reality.

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