Friday, November 18, 2005

An all green pie!

During the mess of the hurricane, I decided it would be smart to invest some extra money I had (thanks Prez). Today was the first day that they all gained more than 1%, creating a green pie on the Ameritrade homepage. I've had the account for almost three weeks, and I've already more than topped what it would have earned in a high-yield internet savings account (like ING Direct). I was just going to get a mutual fund, but decided against it after learning about Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs. About 2/3 are foreign ETFs because they're more aggressive, and the rest are in the US. I bought Google and eBay shares because they looked like they were low, and they've been the best performers by far. My all green pie is below...
Let me know if you wanna sign up for an Ameritrade account, because I can get some commission free trades if you enter in my account number.

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