Saturday, June 04, 2005

In Napoli

I'm down in Napoli/Naples because everything was booked solid in Roma and it was way too crowded. Last Friday was some kind of national holiday. Napoli is crazy and great, and some American's staying at the hostel here said it was worse than Mexico or Morocco. There are no traffic laws, and the few traffic lights they have are usually not working. Lines are sometimes painted on the old streets that look like they are hundreds of years old, but no one pays much attention to them. If you want to cross the street at rush hour, you just step out anywhere and hope they stop. Oh, and there aren't usually street signs... and where there are signs they are up on a building and usually covered with something.

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An Awesome Host

James, Elise, and I had a great time in Wuertzburg, especially since we had a great host who woke up and went to the bakery for us. I really want to go back and spend more time, but we'll see.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

In Deutschland

I just flew into Frankfurt yesterday and already it feels like I've moved in. It's a great feeling. The key board is a little bit funny as the Y and the Z are switched. Last night James, Elise, and I all slept on one pretty comfortable futon at Johanna's house in W├╝rtzburg. Elise was a very loud snorer because she's still kinda sick. Tomorrow or tonight I may be going to Italy or Amsterdam. I'll post some pictures in a little while once I remember to bring my camera cable down to the internet cafe.